Monday 1 May 2017

MC Sync-Link 5

MC Update--May 2017

During 2017 we are syncing our CORE MC entries with our monthly MC Updates. Essentially, we'll add a monthly weblog entry that contains brief excerpts from the MC Update for that month. By linking their two strap lines together, the purpose and potential for connecting these two MCA tools becomes clear: "expanding the global impact of member care...reflections, research, and resources for good practice." May these materials encourage and equip you as you endeavor to practice member care well, with character, competence, and compassion.

Moral Care
Resources for Living in Integrity
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This Update focuses on recent, supportive resources for living in integrity--a core part of the "moral care" that is part of member care. Cultivating integrity fosters both the credibility and effectiveness of our work in member care and more broadly in mission, aid, and development. We feature four materials for moral care with an emphasis on integrity for staff, leaders, and all those with member care responsibility. We finish with some personal reflections on living in global integrity: "Good Practice--Good People."

Underlying our reflections, an indeed all of our work, is the commitment to good global practice (competence) by good global people (character): good practice-good people. Through it all, we want to acknowledge the many gray areas that face us all practically, morally, and daily as we seek to live in integrity, love God and people, and make the world a better place.

Global integrity is a global good. It belongs to us all. But it must be discussed, debated, understood, emphasized, and cultivated. The beauty of global integrity does not happen by chance. Rather it takes intentionality to see it take root in our personal, organizational, social, and national lives. Like the character and virtue in which it is embedded, it is refined in the caldron of life’s tough challenges and choices.

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Kelly and Michèle

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