Friday 24 March 2017

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MC Update--April 2017
During 2017 we are syncing our CORE MC entries with our monthly MC Updates. Essentially, we'll add a monthly weblog entry that contains brief excerpts from the MC Update for that month. By linking their two straplines together, the purpose and potential for connecting these two MCA tools becomes clear: "expanding the global impact of member care...reflections, research, and resources for good practice." May these materials encourage and equip you as you endeavor to practice member care well, with character, competence, and compassion.

Re-Member Care
MC Pioneers and Developers

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This Update focuses on some amazing people--remembering several deceased colleagues who have been instrumental in pioneering and developing member care. It includes a photo of each colleague and a link to our MCA website to access information about their lives (several links to tributes/short histories). Although they are no longer with us on the earth, their voices and examples still speak clearly to us today. We miss them dearly, yet know they are in the best of care as they are "away from the body and at home with the Lord" (2 Cor. 5:8, NIV). We finish the Update with an invitation to journey further into member care by engaging with an article that overviews 100 years of member care history. Re-member care!

We want to invite you to continue in the "re-member care" flow of this Update by journeying further into our member care history.... One way to undertake this historical journey is to download, reflect on, and interact with the article, The Missional Heart of Member Care (IBMR, April 2015). Starting in the pre-1960 era and traveling into the mid-2010s, the article highlights trends in member care development and features commentary around a selection of core quotes from some of the outstanding colleagues who have contributed to the development of the member care field. Their exemplary lives of faith in action and the compelling voices in their writings still speak clearly and powerfully to us today (Heb. 11:4).

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