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Dr. Kelly O'Donnell and Dr. Michèle Lewis O’Donnell

Consulting Psychologists, Member Care Associates, Inc.

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Recent Articles

Global Geneva (October-November 2017)

Medicus Mundi Switzerland, Bulletin (June 2017)

Journal of Psychology and Christianity (March 2017)   

UN Special (April 2017)

UN Special (March 2017)

Journal of Psychology and Theology (December 2016)

Global Mental Health (September 2016)

Christian Psychology Around the World (March 2016)

CORE Member Care: Reflections, Resources, and Research for Good Practice (2016)

Global Integrators (25 weblog entries)

CORE Member Care: Reflections, Research, and Reflections for Good Practice (2015)

Psychology International (June 2015)

Family Accountability in Mission (2013)

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