Wednesday 15 February 2017

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MC Update--February 2017

During 2017 we are syncing our CORE MC entries with our monthly MC Updates. Essentially, we'll add a monthly weblog entry that contains brief excerpts from the MC Update for that month. By linking their two straplines together, the purpose and potential for connecting these two MCA tools becomes clear: "expanding the global impact of member care...reflections, research, and resources for good practice." May these materials encourage and equip you as you endeavor to practice member care well, with character, competence, and compassion.

New Global Member Care Model:
Member Care in the Missio Dei (MC-MD)
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This Update features the newly expanded model for global member care. It emphasizes the missio Dei context for member care and adds a seventh sphere, Humanity Care. The original model (2000) and its updates (2011, 2013) have been used widely in the mission community to “guide and goad” member care practice. We are delighted to note that the model continues to emphasize Jesus Christ at the core of member care, including our relationship with Him, member care/mission workers serving Him, and His love for all people….

Global Member Care (GMC) continues its emergence and impact as an interdisciplinary, international, and multi-sectoral field. The latest expansion of the global member care model (MC-MD), now with seven spheres, is a reflection of GMC's growing influence. It points us to many new possibilities for connecting and contributing globally and for supporting mission personnel and their sending groups….It continues to promote the growth and development of workers in the context of sacrifice and demanding work that often involves prudent risk. It also seeks to extend the global reach of member care and to encourage colleagues to track with developments in our globalizing world. Similar to the emphasis in volume two of Global Member Care, it is meant:

•To support mission/aid workers in their well-being and effectiveness
•To equip mission/aid workers with tools and opportunities for their work with others
•To equip member caregivers who directly work with vulnerable populations and others
•To support colleagues in other sectors via materials in the member care field
•To stay informed as global citizens about current and crucial issues facing humanity.

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Kelly and Michèle

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