Saturday 16 January 2016

Global Integrity--1

Moral wholeness for a whole world




This is a world that is not seeing the best of human nature."
Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO, 12 November 2015
“The Sustainable Development Goals and the Game Change in Global Health”
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Integrity is moral wholeness—living consistently in moral wholeness. Its opposite is corruption, the distortion, perversion, and deterioration of moral goodness, resulting in the exploitation of people. Global integrity is moral wholeness at all levels in our world—from the individual to the institutional to the international. Global integrity is requisite for “building the future we want—being the people we need.” It is not easy, it is not always black and white, and it can be risky. These entries explore the many facets of integrity with a view towards the global efforts to promote sustainable development and wellbeing.

Integrity. The basic meaning of the English word integrity is ‘whole, not divided’. It is related to the Latin word integer, which means a whole number, not divided into fractions. Integrity is about wholeness, completeness, consistency.

Tōm. The basic meaning of the Hebrew word tōm, translated ‘integrity’ in the Old Testament, is completeness, fullness. Nothing is missing. Nothing is deficient. Nothing is out of alignment.

Aphthoria. The meaning of the Greek word aphthoria, translated ‘integrity’ in the New Testament, is ‘morally sound, pure’, literally, ‘without corruption’. Integrity is in fact the opposite of corruption. To have integrity means to ‘have it all together’ morally….

To have integrity is to be consistent, to be complete, to be free from corruption, in both grace and truth. And that kind of life is good news to those who encounter us.”

David Bennett, Integrity, the Lausanne Movement, and a Malaysian Daniel, Global Analysis, 4(1) (January 2015, Lausanne Movement). Excerpts for pages 18-20.

ApplicationsConsider the definitions of integrity and global integrity above. Are there parts that you would adjust or additional thoughts to add?

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