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Global Integrators---25

Summary and Conclusion
Globalntegtration for Global Integrators

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Global Member Care: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
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This is the final entry on Global Integrators. The 25 entries reflect my best conceptual thinking, my clearest directional sense, and my deepest heart-felt yearnings for colleagues around the world to link their skills and values on behalf of the major issues that are devastating humanity. It has definitely been both stretching and enriching. I trust the same is true for you as you review the entries, discuss them with others, and consider ways to apply them and to further develop GI. 

 There are three parts to this entry:
--listing of the 25 current topics on Global Integrators (January-December 2015)
--listing of the 10 initial topics on Global Integration (July-December 2011)
--a summons and seven commitments for Global Integrators (conclusion)

 One guiding question stands out as I have endeavored through these entries to help shape and support the emerging corps of Global Integrators. How can colleagues around the world practically apply the GI framework in various settings-sectors in order to connect relationally and contribute relevantly? In other words, how can GI People link their skills and values as forces for good in order to make a difference in our world?

Part One
Global Integrators
25 Topics, January-December 2015

Click HERE to access all 25 entries

GI-1. Background and Overview--
Globalntegtration for Global Integtators
GI-2. Trans-Practitioners—Working in the Trenches, the Towers, and Everything In-Between
GI-3. GI People for the SDGs—Connecting and Contributing for Sustainable Development

GI-4.  Sector Connectors—Personal Reflections on Crossing Sectors
GI-5.  Global Disintegration—The Precarious Exploitation of People-Planet
GI-6. LTPeople—People Loving People with Truth and Peace)
GI-7. Taking the Pulse—Global Reports
GI-8. Global Intercessors—Praying for the World
GI-9.  Charting Your Course in the Missio Dei-Missio Mundi
GI-10. GI Training—Pathways for Preparation
GI-11.  First Love—Values that Guide and Goad GI
GI-12. Transforming the World—A Call for Personal Transformation
GI-13. Staying Updated—Staying Outdated
GI-14. GI Corelitions—Core Group of Colleagues-Coalition of Organizations
GI-15. Global Innovators—Making Important and Sustainable Differences 
GI 16. The Preeminent Pantocrator—Connection vs Contention
GI 17: Global Interns—Common Ground as Learners-Practitioners
GI 18: Global Towers and Global Trenches
GI 19. The Global VaticUN—How Far Should We Go with GI?
GI 20. Globe-Bael and Globe-Babel—New Concepts and Old Cautions for Global Integrators
GI 21. 7Is for GIs—Seven Indicators for Global Integrators
GI 22. Faith-Based Foundations—Christian Worldview
GI 23. GI Partnerships—At the Global Tables and in the Global Trenches
GI 24. Resilience for Global Integrators--Staying the Course
GI 25. Summary and Conclusion--Globalntegtration for Global Integtators

Part Two
Global Integration—10 Topics, July-December 2011
(emphasis on member care and mental health applications)
Click HERE to access all 10 entries (located at the end) 

GI 1. Foundations and Directions
GI 2. Windows and Agendas
GI 3. Tran(s)pan in the GI Commons
GI 4. GI and Psychology International
GI 5. Mapping GI
GI 6. Finding Our GI Voices
GI 7. GI Footprints
GI 8. Climbing or Confining—Three Commitments for GI
GI 9. Writing GI Statements
GI 10. Conclusion: Moral Courage and Global Duty

Part Three
.A Summons and Commitments for Global Integrators
We encourage colleagues to grow deeply and to go broadly as Global Integrators. One way that we support colleagues to do so is through the materials in the GI Updates, sent every two months to nearly 2000 emails around the world. You can sign up easily HERE. The GI Updates (2015-current) along with the initial “GI paper trail” (2012-2014) are archived on our main MCA websit in the GI section.

 A Global Summons for Global Integrators
The previous 24 entries had identical opening paragraphs (see next paragraph). The difference in the new version below is indicated in yellow highlights. The new version is neither speculative nor tentative. Rather it is a global call to purposefully join together now as Global Integrators on behalf of the needs and opportunities in our wonderful but troubled world. 

We think that the time is coming definitely here for a diversity of colleagues to come together intentionally, visibly, and practically on behalf of global integration (GI). GI put simply is how we skillfully integrate our lives and values on behalf of the issues facing humanity. Likewise we think that the time is coming definitely here for colleagues to carefully reflect and act on what it means to be good global learners-practitioners--to seriously consider what it means to be what we are calling global integrators (GI-People).

Commitments for Global Integrators
The seven commitments below are adapted from The Missional Heart of Member Care (IBMR, April 2015). They reflect many of the values, directions, and commitments that have been highlighted in these 25 entries in 2015 and the previous 10 entries in 2011.

1. We commit to diligently pursue our own journeys of personal and professional growth—to grow deeply as we go broadly.

 2. We commit to integrate the inseparable areas of our character (resilient virtue) and competency (relevant skills) with compassion (resonant love).

3. We commit to go into new areas of learning and work: crossing sectors, cultures, disciplines, and comfort zones.

4. We commit to embrace our duty to work in difficult settings, including those permeated by conflict, calamity, corruption, and poverty as those in great need are often in places of great risk.

5. We commit to have clear ethical commitments and standards that guide our work in global integration, respecting the dignity and worth of all people.

6. We commit to working with others to promote wellbeing and sustainable development, building the future we want and being the people we need.

7. Add your core values-commitments here, in relation to global integration.  For example: integrity (consistent moral wholeness), agape (sacrificial love for people), Pantocrator (Jesus Christ), and ad majorem Dei gloriam (God’s glory).

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