Wednesday 24 January 2018

Humanity Care: UPGs and SDGs 1

Unreached People Groups

Sustainable Development Goals
(UPGs and SDGs)

A Proposal
We are considering a new series of blog entries (and/or perspectives/articles from various colleagues) that will look at the relationship between UPGs and SDGs: connecting points for collaboration, issues, and opportunities on behalf of some of the most vulnerable, overlooked, and often resilient people in the world. How does the global Church-Mission Community (CMC) involvement in the good news and good works especially on behalf of UPGs relate to the world community's efforts (spearheaded by the United Nations and Civil Society groups) to promote sustainable development especially via the SDGs. And vice versa.  What are some examples of collaboration or non-collaboration, and the results? TBD

Humanity Care—excerpts from Member Care Update, February 2017
“This Update features the newly expanded model for global member care. It emphasizes the missio Dei context for member care and adds a seventh sphere, Humanity Care….Humanity Care, reflects the growing interests and involvements in wellbeing for all people. It surrounds the other six spheres and is itself contained within the missio Dei, that is, the overall work of God in the world through Divine, secular, ecclesiastical, missiological, etc. means. Here is an abridged description of the seven spheres….

Sphere 7. Humanity Care: The Flow of Common Good
There is a tremendous need to address major problems affecting the wellbeing of people and the planet. Both member care and mission provide many opportunities for strategic involvement—at local to global levels—by Christian colleagues [from all backgrounds, across sectors, cultures, countries, etc.] who can leverage their character, competencies, and compassion. Those with member care responsibility in particular are encouraged to connect and contribute in our globalizing world in new ways for the common good while maintaining the focus on supporting the health, resiliency, and effectiveness of the diversity of mission personnel and their sending groups.”

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