Friday 24 November 2017

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Member Care Update—December 2017
Special News—1 December 2017

During 2017 we are syncing our CORE MC entries with our monthly MC Updates. Essentially, we'll add a monthly weblog entry that contains brief excerpts from the MC Update for that month. By linking their two strap lines together, the purpose and potential for connecting these two MCA tools becomes clear: "expanding the global impact of member care...reflections, research, and resources for good practice." May these materials encourage and equip you as you endeavor to practice member care well, with character, competence, and compassion.

The Essential Review
Three Years of Resources and Reflections
(2015-2017 Index)
(preview of the Global Integration Update for December 2017)
Click HERE to access it.

In this summary Update we index the GI Updates from 2015-2017. These 17 Updates both shape and are shaped by the foundational thinking for the global integration framework (defined below). They contain crucial resources and reflections for understanding and engaging with major issues facing our world. We have kept the Index simple. It includes the title, link, and a short description of the contentWe encourage you to review the Index and to note the topics (resources and reflections) that are the most relevant for your work.

Actively integrating our lives with global realities 
by connecting relationally and contributing relevantly
on behalf of human wellbeing and the issues facing humanity,
in light of our integrity & core values (e.g., ethical, humanitarian, faith-based).

This Update concludes with seven commitments that reflect many of the values and directions that have influenced our development of the global integration framework. Ultimately global integration involves "global integrators" whose lifestyles are marked with personal integrity, relevant skills, and healthy relationships that are leveraged for good. (adapted from the summary entry for the Global Integrators series, CORE Member Care, December 2015)

Warm greetings from Geneva,
Kelly and Michele

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