Monday 21 April 2008

Member Care--Help from Leaders: 4

Helping Staff Deal with Difficult Experiences
Part four of four parts
Note--with a music link at the end.


Leaders and AV2 Encounters: Final Thoughts

Acknowledgement and Validation
Helps to affirm our sense of truth
Helps us feel more empowered (less helpless)
Helps lighten the burden on our shoulders

Apology and Vindication
Helps to affirm our sense of justice
Helps us feel more valuable (less violated)
Helps lighten the burden in our heart
AV-3 (recently added)
Attack and Villianise
Covers up truth and distorts reality
Discredits a person's character, competence, and contributions
Reinforces an organisational ethos of fear, impunity, and dysfunction
AV-1 and AV-2 encounters affirm our sense of reality and our sense of worth.
They affirm who we are as a “person” created in God’s image.
They are “protective factors” that foster our resiliency.
AV-3 encounters destroy. (People "stomp, smear, sneak."--see Psalm 56, The Message)

Reflection and Questions
**How do AV2 Encounters reflect an organisation’s ethos of staff development?

**To whom do leaders go for AV2 Encounters?

**How much do people want to have "true change" and not just have “time” with a leader/potential change-agent?

**What if the leader in an AV2 Encounter is part of the problem?

**How realistic is it to expect that disclosures will not be used against a person?

**When might someone in an ombudsman role or an outside consultant be better than a leader?

**What if staff really distort the facts, and correction rather than empathy is needed?

**What experience do you have with AV-3 Encounters?


Go to this music-video link, by Cream, circa 2008,
a gentler version (Jack Bruce) than the original from 1967:
Please, open your eyes
Try to realise
I found out today
We're going wrong.
Please open your mind
While you can find
I found out today
We're going wrong.

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