Monday 14 April 2008

Member Care--Help from Leaders: 3

Helping Staff Deal with Difficult Experiences
Part three of four parts
Note--with a music link at the end.
AV2 Summary:
AV-1 is basic. Active listening by leaders, or any respected person, helps facilitate it. People feel empowered. AV-2 though is trickier. In many situations involving relationship, project, and organisational issues—in spite of encounters with safe leaders—apologies and vindication do not happen. Justice may not be served to one’s satisfaction. Divergent views and differing people cannot be reconciled. Dysfunctional aspects of systems and people can seemingly prevail. This challenges people to be realistic about what to expect; to consider their own possible distortions and weaknesses; and to use this difficult experience for personal growth—letting it bring out the best in them and not the worst. And for those in the Christian faith-based sector, it can encourage them and even goad them to “entrust themselves into the hands of a faithful Creator in doing what is right" (I Peter 4:19).


Reflection and Discussion

**Give an example when difficult experiences brought out the best in you and not the worst.

**What type of additional training might leaders get to help them with things like AV2 encounters?

**When would it be irresponsible for leaders/organisations to not challenge injustices?


Music link:

Here's a song about vulnerable humans, in utero. It also relates to anyone in a vulnerable place, who needs the help and protection of others. Others often may need to take risks in order to help. How might this relate to member care and to AV2 encounters?

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