Sunday 3 February 2008

Nietzsche Care

Nietzsche and Member Care--Why Not?

A friend has been recently sharing some helpful thoughts with us from Friedrich Nietzsche. Here is one aphorism in particular from Nietzsche's 19th century book, The Gay Science. (Note--this title has nothing to do with sexual oreintation. Nietzche eventually suicided, in 1900. He needed care for sure.)


Section 267
"With a great goal one is superior even to justice,
not only to one's deeds and one's judges."

To continue, I have also been reflecting on some of Christ's more incisive words to a cluster of religious folks who also thought that they were above justice. He called them:

"Snakes! Reptilian sneaks!"
(Matthew 23, The Message)

Reflection and Discussion
**How can we help ourselves and others to not let our "important goals" in mission/aid and member care work, inflate our sense of self-importance and obscure our responisibiity for justice?
****Noble causes and costic narcissism--how do these things blind people from the need for accountability? Give a specific example.

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