Monday 28 January 2008

Dysfunctional Kisses

Enemies will deceive.
But only friends can betray.
Member care is not just about development or restoration.
There is a key in-between dimension--protection.

Good member care helps to protect us from things like dysfunction (inlcuding our own). But nothing can totally protect us, especially from the negative consequences when deception and betrayal seek us out. Doing mission/aid well requires our being vulnerable: including the possiblity of being duped by the deceiving promises of an enemy or the betraying kisses of a friend.
We protect ourselves by our commitment to good practice: transparency, accountability, sound judgement, and promoting the well-being of one another. We do good practice even if it inconveniences us. We act with integrity even if there are dire consequences.
Reflection and Discussion
Creatively connect the thoughts above and the quotes below:
**Kiss me, you fool.
**Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a kiss?

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