Thursday 10 February 2022

Humanity Care: UPGs and SDGs 18

 More Reflections on People Groups

Detail of the cover image from Mission Frontiers website

The Changing Shape of People Group Strategy Mission Frontiers (Janaury 2022).  "Things are changing all around us every day with increasing speed. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. But in all cases, we are forced to adapt to the new realities that change brings. Some people adapt easily to change, and others do not. For 45 years now, Frontier Ventures has proclaimed the biblical mandate to reach all peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but the realities on the mission field are changing. The fact is, ever since the promise came to Abraham to bless all peoples, the tribes, clans, families, peoples and nations of the earth have experienced. continual change. The problem in our day is that the rate of change is growing exponentially, making it difficult to cope with a rapidly changing people group picture. That is what this issue is all about."

Examples of Articles
--Reimagining and Re-envisioning People Groups

--Lifting, Pushing, Squeezing and Blending The Dynamics of Ethnicity and Globalization

--People Groups and the Bible

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