Thursday 31 August 2017

MC Sync-Link 9

Member Care Update--September 2017

During 2017 we are syncing our CORE MC entries with our monthly MC Updates. Essentially, we'll add a monthly weblog entry that contains brief excerpts from the MC Update for that month. By linking their two strap lines together, the purpose and potential for connecting these two MCA tools becomes clear: "expanding the global impact of member care...reflections, research, and resources for good practice." May these materials encourage and equip you as you endeavor to practice member care well, with character, competence, and compassion.

Summary—101 MC Updates
Traveling along GMC-Highway 101.
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This is our 101st Update. We are calling it the “Global Member Care—Highway 101" (GMC-101). Come and travel with us as on this resource highway as we review the MC Updates that we have done over the past several years. Think of this summary Update as a major member care thoroughfare (tool!) that is making hundreds of core and cutting edge resources accessible to our colleagues around the world.

More personally, the GMC-101 is also a nostalgic reminder for us of Highway 101 in California, and especially some of its beach routes (joining with Pacific Coast Highway 1) which have been a special part of our lives over the years. We finish the Update with some important reflections on the relevance of global integration as we travel along GMC-101.  So...welcome to GMC-101--spread the word!

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Kelly and Michèle

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