Friday 3 April 2015

Global Integrators--6

On the border of the divided capital: Nicosia, Cyprus
(Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot).
The monument is a missile-shattered version
of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We think that the time is coming for a diversity of colleagues to come together intentionally, visibly, and practically on behalf of global integration (GI). GI put simply is how we skillfully integrate our lives and values on behalf of the issues facing humanity. Likewise we think that the time is coming for colleagues to carefully reflect and act on what it means to be good global learners-practitioners--to seriously consider what it means to be what we are calling global integrators (GI-People).
This entry connects global integrators with the previous entries on loving truth and peace (LTP) by specifically emphasizing the value of people—that is, people loving people with truth and peace. We refer to it as LTPeople.

GI by definition is guided by one's values. The working definition refers to values such as "ethical imperatives, commitment to humanity, God's glory." Added to these values for us personally is LTPeople. Hence we endeavor to be global integrators who love truth, peace, and people. We think many people working in GI are LTPeople.

LTPeople's foundation for us continues to be the prophet Zechariah’s exhortations to "love truth and peace" in all aspects of our relationships (Zechariah 8:19). Added to this now is the foundational commandment for followers of Jesus Christ to love people: to love one another (John 13: 34-35); to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31); and to love all people even as God does, be they friend or foe (Luke 6: 27-36). And we love because God first loved us (I John 4:19).

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