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Global Integrators--1

Background and Overview 

Globalntegration for Global Integtators

Hi from Kelly and Michele
We think that the time is coming for a diversity of colleagues to come together intentionally, visibly, and practically on behalf of global integration (GI). GI put simply is how we skillfully integrate our lives and values on behalf of the issues facing humanity. Likewise we think that the time is coming for colleagues to carefully reflect and act on what it means to be good global learners-practitioners--to seriously consider what it means to be what we are calling global integrators (GI-People).

A Bit of Background
In the early 1990s we sent out some serious calls for colleagues in the member care-mission community (via conferences, consultations, articles, books, and personal emails) to develop a "macro" model for member care, which included a proposed agenda for greater coordinated, international involvement with an emphasis on supporting  personnel/organizations focusing on unreached people groups. The results from these and many other efforts over  the years have been significant, as people from many countries, disciplines, and backgrounds have come together to further provide and develop member care resources within our maturing, growing field. 

In our 2013 edited book on global member care (volume 2--Crossing  Sectors for Serving Humanity) we encouraged colleagues to grow deeply and to go broadly into new sectors on behalf of both the mission/aid community and humanity in general. The practice of crossing sectors was presented as being the next crucial developmental process-phase for the  member care field. This series of entries on global integrators takes the "crossing sectors for serving humanity" emphasis further by calling us to engage with a strategic framework that is highly relevant for global practice in member care and beyond--global integration. It is a pre-summons, yet nonetheless part of the historic flow of summons and strategic developmental shifts in member care that we have been privileged to help shape and support along with many others.

Three ways to further clarify what we have envisioned for global integrators is first, to have a look at our expanded purpose statement for  Member Care Associates (see below). A second way is through the visionary statement for global integration that we use at the end of our recent power point presentations (see below). A third way is to review the core information on global integration on our website, much of which is still in its early stages of conceptualization and which includes a link to several power points and previous weblog entries on global integration ( 

 Member Care Associates and Global Integration
Global Integration (GI) is a framework, embedded within the missio Dei,  for actively integrating our lives (connecting and contributing) with global realities (addressing the major issues facing humanity and promoting wellbeing) in light of our core values (e.g., ethical imperatives, commitment to humanity, God’s glory). As part of our commitment to  GI, our main work continues to be providing and developing supportive resources for workers and sending groups within the mission community as well as the overlapping humanitarian and development sectors.  GI is especially important in view of the major global efforts to develop and implement the United Nation’s Post 2015 Development Agenda. Some of the main emphases and resources we offer to support GI are via global member care (e.g., the Member Care Associates website and the recent book Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity) and global mental health (e.g., the GMH-Map website and the recent article on GMH: Strategies for Staying Updated in Psychology International). Our international work as psychologists is based in Geneva. It includes regular interactions with personnel/events in the United Nations, World Health Organization, and international NGOs—and hence materials, perspectives, and cutting edge news that we can share with colleagues. We think that one of the greatest opportunities currently for further developing GI is organizing a new coalition(s) of colleagues committed to/involved in GI (global integrators).
Staying the Course in GI--Encouragement for Global Integrators
(including a medley of quotes that we really like)
"Persevere as you pursue areas that you are passionate about and stretch yourself into new areas of interest as part of life-long learning.  As in most human enterprises, there can be political agendas, power dynamics, territoriality, and dysfunctional behaviors to navigate” (O’Donnell, 2012, p. 201).  Keep in the forefront the opportunities for “selfless moral struggle” in partnering with others (Patel et al. 2011, p. 90) and the “duty and choice to risk your own rights and well-being” on behalf of fellow humans (O’Donnell, 2011, p. 187). “Embrace lifestyles that reflect commitments to equality, justice, and wellbeing for all” (O’Donnell, 2012, p. 201).  Develop your personal character and professional competence as a responsible global citizen committed to “seeing reality clearly… [including] physical and mental suffering due to human cruelty… [without giving up] our dream for a more loving and peaceful humanity” (Mollica, 2013, p.15).  Connect with a supportive caravan of colleagues for your Global Integration journey in the service of humanity. Remember that in all you do and in whatever comes your way, “your task is to be true, not popular” (Luke 6:26, The Message).

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