Friday 10 October 2014

Loving Truth and Peace--10

What Would Judas Do?

I've been thinking--the next time I have a moral decision to make, the next time I am wondering if I am loving truth and peace, to ask myself: What Would Judas Do? Perhaps asking ourselves this question is even more effective than asking ourselves the other one made somewhat famous by the WWJD wristbands: What Would Jesus Do?

As for Judas:
He would betray vulnerable people through silence, neutrality, passivity.

He would betray by distorting the truth for his own advantage: slanting important information, its interpretation, and its implementation.

He would betray by preserving peace for his own interests (pseudo-peace) at the expense of the truth--and vulnerable others.

He would betray by telling half-truths.

He'd kiss you privately and kill you openly
He'd kiss you openly and kill you privately.

He would feign truth and peace.
He might even rather die than ask forgiveness for having made a "mistake."

Judas--and the Judas dimension in us--is both a foul-weather fiend and a fair-weather "friend."
So is he really worth his tarnishing silver?

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