Friday 10 January 2014

Pax Dei--Living in Peace 7

Aspirations and Desperations

The Age of Aquarius, sung by the Fifth Dimension,
from the rock opera Hair, 1969

 I really like this song. That is to say, I really like its engaging aspirations and entrancing music. I just wish that reconfiguring reality could happen by simply yearning for a new mystical, harmonious age.  Forty-five years on, the age of aquarius has morphed back into the ongoing age of egregious. In spite of our best efforts, our liberating aspirations (and at times prurient inspirations) have yet to replace our constricting desperations (and putrid exploitations). Here is a song about it all, from our new mock opera, Tare, 2014.

When our doom is just like that of Faust's
And stupid persons are blind to scars
Some Beast will guide our planet
And fear will steer the wars.
This is the conning of the Age of Egregious
The Age of Egregious.
Egregious! Egregious!

Disharmony, misunderstanding,
Selfishness, mistrust abounding.
Time for falsehood and derision
Golden profit, lecherous visions
Mystic nonsense, reprobation,
And the mind’s incarceration.
Egregious! Egregious!

Let the dark shine
Let the dark shine in...
We join with people of all faiths and no faiths, of new ages and old ages, and everything in-between, in yearning for peace—starting in our own souls--letting the Light shine into us and from us, for the sake of both truth and peace on our beguiled, burdened planet.

Pax Dei
This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you:

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. I  John 1:5 NIV

Randy Stonehill, Great Big Stupid World 
(Note: In addition to Stonehill's whimsical parodies and melodies,
(including this song's lyrical laundry list of things he does not like)
many of his other creative songs focus on hope and fortitude
via living in the Light: knowing/loving God. 

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