Sunday 16 December 2012

MC Tools—9

Music for Mourning:
Human Hurricanes
We are in Connecticut USA---arriving in time for Hurricane Sandy last month and also now back in time for this human hurricane at Sandy Hook School—the shooting of 20 children and seven adults. Lots of mourning. And vigils. And lots of questions about how to prevent such mass killings from happening (and not just in the USA hopefully).
There are many bright lights in all of this though--the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it (John's gospel). One of these lights is the song that was just put together by some musician-friends of ours. It is a “raw song”—that is, not polished in a studio, fresh from the heart. Click the video image above or click here to listen.
1. For more reflections on resiliency, trauma, and weeping, see our entry on 9 Jan 2010:

This entry includes a link to Jon Foreman's song on finding a cure for pain.
For the version with lyrics:
2. We are sharing some tools via these entries to support personal growth, relationship health, organizational development, and overall effectiveness for mission/aid workers. Hopefully you will find them to be creative, useful, and at times even fun. They are some of our favourites.
These items build upon the 12 tools for “Running Well and Resting Well” that we included as a chapter in Doing Member Care Well (2002). More tools and guidelines specifically for team building are included in our “Tools for Team Viability” article, in the member care book we edited in 1992.

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