Monday 17 September 2012

MC Tools –1

Climbing Cliffs
 In these next entries we share some tools to support personal growth, relationship health, organizational development, and overall effectiveness for mission/aid workers. Hopefully you will find them to be creative and even fun. And useful of course too!
 These items build upon the 12 tools for “Running Well and Resting Well” that we included as a chapter in Doing Member Care Well (2002). More tools and guidelines specifically for team building are included in our “Tools for Team Viability” article, in the member care book we edited in 1992. Note that there are links above to both of these articles. These latest listings of tools on this site are some of our favourites. Enjoy!
Mutual Support (Heb. 3:13, Gal. 6: 2 etc.)
Kelly and Michele O’Donnell

(note: unsure of the source of this drawing)
If this drawing represents you, climbing a cliff....
  1. Draw a picture (or write the name) of the human person that is holding the rope for you at the top.
  2. Who do you wish were holding the rope for you, but is not?
  3. Who would you definitely not want to hold the rope for you?
  4. What would you want the people holding the rope to say to you?  And vice versa.
  5. Shift places and who are you holding a rope for?
  6. Is there someone you wish you could hold the rope for but are not?
  7. What might the cliff represent for you personally?
  8. Are there concrete examples of how this picture reflects reality in your setting?
  9. What was this exercise like for you,,,what did you learn about yourself and others…is there anything more you would like to know about others….any action points for you as a person or team based on this exercise…
  10. Other ways to use this picture/exercise…