Tuesday 3 April 2012

MC: Global Letters for a Global Community--7

Seeing the Light
You are the fountain of life.
In Your light we see light.
Psalm 36:9
We are writing to member care workers and all those with member care responsibility within international mission/aid who identify with the historic Christian faith. We write to encourage us all to stay the course in our service to God and humans and to take full advantage of the many opportunities to provide and develop member care. We write fully aware of the problems that can discredit, divide, and disable the church-mission community (CMC) and all of our member care efforts. We write with a commitment to the love that is necessary to resolve these problems and to promote health within the CMC.
We have just signed a petition:  Shine the Light—Together! We signed it because we care very much about how an international fraud, NCI KB, has seriously affected the public, charities, and especially the church-mission community—including the Evangelical member care community. This petition is an international call for integrity and action---for transparent and verifiable disclosures from individuals, projects, and organizations affected by this fraud.  
 The petition has a brief update about the fraud with links to core documents for more information. The initial case went all the way to the Swedish Supreme court which upheld the previous verdicts of NCI being an ongoing gross fraud. NCI was largely an affinity fraud with one of the main organizations affected—people and projects--being Youth With A Mission. Note that this petition does not implicate any person or organization. Rather it calls for a positive and ethical response by people and organizations in order to help turn around this fraud.
Would you seriously consider rallying with others internationally and signing the petition? And then sharing it with others?  Important efforts like this succeed as we get more informed and in solidarity spread the word (email, Facebook, etc.).  The comments of the signatories so far are also quite powerful to read, many of them who have been tracking with this fraud since NCI was publicly confronted in 2007.
Thank you very much for your support, especially on behalf of the church-mission and member care community. To read and sign the petition, please click here:
Kelly and Michèle

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