Friday 9 September 2011

MC-MH: Global Integration--5

Mapping Global Integration

We are sharing a few thoughts on future directions for integration. Integration is a field of study which brings together the disciplines of theology and mental health in order to better understand and help humans. The ongoing/additional links between member care (MC) and mental health (MH) are highly relevant for the global development of integration—global integration (GI). And GI is potentially very relevant for the global development of mission/aid.

I recently did a brief version of an article for Psychology International. It is called “Global Mental Health (GMH): A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing.” I begin it by talking about how it is easy (inevitable!) to get lost in the amorphous domain of global mental health (and the recent movement it has spawned). I set out to try to make an easier way into and through this domain for those in the health fields, by providing a listing (map) of the resources and entities that we will encounter in GMH. Connecting and contributing to GMH is presented as a “continuum of involvement” based on our interests and passions, so that we do not get overwhelmed or distracted by the enormity of the opportunities, challenges, etc.

Two other features of this brief paper:
**“The 60 Minute GMHer”. A list of 10 core materials (written and multimedia) that can be reviewed in about an hour and which provide a good overview of GMH.
**”Charting You GMH Course”. Seven suggestions for involvement in GMH.

Maybe we need a Global Integration Map too? If so, what would be the basic categories to map out—and further develop--for the GI domain? In the GMH article, I organize the historical highlights-resources into six areas which I also think are helpful categories for GI:
  • Organizations
  • Publications
  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Human rights
  • Humanitarian
The theme next year (2012) for the predominantly North American organization, Christian Association for Psychological Studies International (CAPS) is—Where’s Integration? That’s a timely topic that could present some good opportunities to explore GI. So how can this venue and other venues help us to head further into “God’s Global Office”--Global Integration--to expand integration broadly and deeply?

Heading into GI, and relating it to member care, is reflected in the conclusion of the kingdom parables in MT 13: 51, 52. This summary statement refers to “scribes” (learned people and leaders) who wish to become disciples in the kingdom (disciplined, committed followers of the ways of God) need to bring out both old and new treasures ( the ongoing dynamic of pushing forward with the new things founded upon and integrated with the old /previous things). This new-old dynamic helps us to stay fresh, not stagnate, and stay connected with our roots.

So, should and could the field of integration be going in the GI direction, drawing a map, charting a course, and heading into the heart of humanity? How is it doing this already?

Reflection and Discussion
**Which of the above thoughts are the most relevant for you?

**How can the field of integration practically go forward into GI?

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