Wednesday 13 July 2011

MC-MH: Global Integration--1

Foundations and Directions
Member care as a field-movement has deep, historic roots in the mental health sector and strong influences from mental health practitioners who are Christians. Many of these practitioners have been actively involved in “integration,” a field of study which brings together the disciplines of theology and mental health in order to better understand and help humans.

During the next several entries on this weblog, we’ll share some thoughts on future directions for integration. We’ll use the term Global Integration (GI) as a way to discuss what could become an emerging reality—integration going global in light of global realities. We believe that ongoing/additional links between member care (MC) and mental health (MH) are highly relevant for the global development of integration. And humanity.

MC + MH -- GI
To begin, if there were an article or special series of articles to explore GI with a view towards future directions, I think it could be called something like this. Stay tuned.

Global Integration--Growing Deeply and Going Broadly:
Building on Foundations, Developing New Competencies,
Breaking Bubbles, Crossing Sectors, Taking Risks,
and Challenging the Status Quo
on Behalf of Humanity in Need

Reflections and Discussion.
1. List a couple ways that the integration of theology and mental health has practically impacted member care in mission/aid--and/or your life.

2. What would be another title for an article about global integration?

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