Monday 30 May 2011

Global MC—Pearl Nine

Encountering Ethical Member Care

Read It. Discuss it. Apply it.

We are exploring member care by using brief quotes from the book, Global Member Care: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (published February 2011). Drawing on the metaphor from Rev. 21:21, each quote is like a huge pearl--a pearl gateway--that allows us to enter more fully into the global field of member care. This ninth entry is from Part Three in the book, “Developing Guidelines in Mission/Aid.”

Pearl Nine
Premises for Ethical Member Care
**First, staff are humans with intrinsic worth and not just resources with strategic worth. We appreciate them for who they are as well as for what they do.

**Second, ethical care is concerned with both the well-being of everyone involved in mission in aid. This includes the well-being of the organization, its purposes, and its personnel.

**Third, sacrifice and suffering are normal parts of mission/aid work. We acknowledge yet try to mitigate against the serious negative consequences that accompany work in risky places.

**Fourth, we encourage balancing the demands of professional work with the desires for personal growth. Personnel need to find a good work-life balance so they can both run well and rest well.

**Fifth, how we provide services to staff is as significant as the actual services themselves. We respect the dignity and rights of all people and thus provide quality care, carefully.

Reflection and Discussion
**Recall one aspect of your life/work that relates to the quote above.

**Have a go at connecting the above quote with a current international area that interests/concerns you.

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