Thursday 7 April 2011

Global MC—Pearl Three

Embracing Future Directions

Read it. Discuss it. Apply it.

We are exploring member care by using brief quotes from the book, Global Member Care: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (published February 2011). Drawing on the metaphor from Rev. 21:21, each quote is like a huge pearl--a pearl gateway--that allows us to enter more fully into the global field of member care.

Pearl Three
"The need for [both foundational and future resources—the old and the new] must also take into account the significant shifts in demographics among the world’s 2.1 billion “affiliated Christians,” especially the growing majority of Christians in/from the diverse Global South(s) and the proportional decline in Christians in/from the diverse Global North(s) (Corwin, 2010; Johnson and Kim, 2006). These [resources] must also support the efforts to resolutely and responsibly deal with the world’s greatest problems, including the need to eradicate poverty (e.g., the 910 million urban slum dwellers), provide universal education, promote gender equality, combat HIV/AIDS, foster environmental sustainability, etc.
(United Nations Millennium Development Goals,"

"The member care field therefore, while maintaining its core focus on supporting the diversity of mission/aid personnel, must expand into new international and cross-sector areas. Each of us for example, would do well to stay current with at least one related health area and/or global issue that we are particularly passionate about (including organiza¬tions, practitioners, resources etc. related to the area/issue). We will need courage to face new challenges to enhance human well-being and combat evil in its many forms. And we will need a solid, practical theology that sees God at work throughout the variety of human efforts…around the world." (page 54)
Reflection and Discussion
**Recall one aspect of your life/work that relates to the quote above.

**Have a go at connecting the above quote with a current international area that interests/concerns you.

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