Thursday 2 April 2009

Member Care: Pearls and Perils

Good news.
The materials from the member care lectures at Fuller School of Psychology in February 2009 are now available on-line for free.
The overall topic was:
The Pearls and the Perils:
Practicing Psychology in Mission/Aid Settings.

These materials include the articles, audio, and video for the three lectures. Please share this info with your colleagues and networks. The three lectures:
1. Staying Healthy in Difficult Places
Historical milestones in member care, listening to our global voices, and future directions for this field.
2. Promoting Health and Managing Dysfunction
Suggestions for developing healthy organizations and safeguarding workers/senders in light of dysfunction.
3. Developing Guidelines for Good Practice
Ethical principles and human rights commitments to upgrade the work in member care and mission/aid.
Opening prayer for the Symposium,
by Dr. Winston Gooden, Dean of the School of Psychology:
“God we thank you for the call on our lives. We thank you for the many places to which we are sent. We thank you for the sensitivity of those who care for us on this journey that we take. And now tonight as we come to hear, to learn, to study, to be inspired, we pray that your Spirit will hover over us. That you would strengthen our speaker, that you would open our minds, that you would fill us with your rich wisdom so we might be prepared to do your work. We pray this in the name of Him who was sent by You to be our Savior. Amen.”

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