Thursday 19 March 2009

Member Character(s)--2 of 4

A Glimpse at the Character of Joseph
Feast Day March 19
What to say about Joseph? We know so little.
Can we chip off the "stained-glass" to see who he really was?
Joseph chose to stay committed to Mary and her son, pre and post natal, in some very difficult circumstances. Pregnancy out of wedlock was something that led to being socially ostracised. Maybe even stoned. Not nice. This was followed by fleeing for their lives to Egypt as political-religious refugees. Part of the ongoing historical wave of vulnerable assylum-seekers. Scarey. Anything else? Who knows. Like Patricius (see 17 March entry) his resolve/guidance were bolstered by two timely, divine dreams/visions. He must have been very brave too.
Reflection and Discussion
*What comes to your mind when you think of the character of Joseph--e.g., commitment, bravery, obedience, courage, etc.?
*How is virtuous character developed, in light of Joseph's life?

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