Monday 9 February 2009

GP2: Good Practice by Good Practitioners

Growing as Good Practitioners
We think that our goal as good practitioners is not primarily growth.
Rather the goal is doing what is helpful in a "right" way.
Here's a few final thoughts on GP2.
As Christian practitioners, doing what is "right" is intertwined with our desire to be pleasing to God. And doing what is "right" is in line with clear, solid ethical commitments and one's sense of "duty". See some of the earlier blog entries for more information/discussion about ethics. Plus stay tuned for an expanded article on "ethics and human rights in member care."
We know so many mission/aid workers and member care practitioners, who in their commitment to please God and serve humans, end up in some dire straits. They seem to "bear on their bodies the wounds of Christ," as Paul said of himself in Galatians 6: 17. And so many bear wounds on their souls too.
Thank you for your examples of good practice!
We are heading to California now to talk more about such things.

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