Saturday 17 January 2009

GP2: Good Practice by Good Practitioners

GP2: Going and Growing

Morality must match with capacity.
David Bornstein, How to Change the World, 2004

Capacity must match with morality.
CORE/MCA, Growing as Good Practitioners, 2009 :-)
So let's think about what is needed for GP2:
in light of the diversity of member care providers around the world
in light of the diversity of challenges and opportunities everywhere.

1. In GP2: We go broadly to humans in need.
Going is about "crossing" into different types of areas.
Practitioners in this field must increasingly cross into multiple cultures, sectors, and disciplines.
For some, they actively integrate some of these areas.
Others primairly just try to stay informed by some of these areas.
But the interconnections and growth from "crossing" are essential.
2. In GP2: We grow deeply as humans in need.
Growing is about our character and competence.
Practitioners in this field must continue to develop personal virtues and professional skills.
It is about being stretched, taking risks, getting more training, lifelong learning commitments, iron sharpening iron, and being refined by life's challenges and opportunities.
Reflection and Discussion
1. I think GP2,
in the Christian faith-based sectors,
is ultimately intertwined
with laying down our lives,
as pierced pratitioners,
in order to follow
the Pierced Practitioner.
What do you think?
2. "Crossing" leads us into new areas
(cultures, sectors, disciplines)
and it also leads us into dying daily
(sacrifice, struggles, service).
There are two types of "crossing".
What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

"Yes, if we allow the piercing to make us better and not bitter, then we grow tremendously in wisdom, patience, insight and depth of empathy, becoming a better-equipped practitioner in the end." - Brandy Busch