Wednesday 5 March 2008

Member Care and Beauty

Pacific Presence
Twenty-five years, today in Marina del Rey
unfurled hair yore-gleaned
A pre-Spring day
to meet and play
along the strand
Venetian sand
The time had come
I had become
Par la mystériuese et très belle
mystical magical Michèle.
Happy anniversary, amor de mis sueños.
5 March 1983---5 March 2008
Hi folks.
I could not resist putting up some prose about my dear wife, Michele.
Our first meeting was in Marina del Rey and Venice Beach, California.
We were both studying psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology.
Michele came over one Saturday morning to go skating at the beach.
I had never seen her in blue jeans nor "in" her metre-length hair.
As a 26-year old California guy, I guess I noticed things like that.
Neither had I heard her share about her travels as a Global Nomad.
I was so glad that I had ironed the sweatshirt that I was wearing...
We started to talk about other countries, spirituality, dreams...
This faery princess...with her pacific presence...captivated me.
Eventually, we went skating along the beautiful coastline.
And we even got married.
About 2.5 years later.
God is good.

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Member Care Associates said...

Hi Michele

You are a beauty!

Je t'aime tellement!