Tuesday 8 January 2008

Priestly Words and Poisoned Words

Thinking about:
Shakespeare (circa 1600AD)
plus Malachi (circa 400BC) and Peter (circa 60AD).

The lips of a priest preserve knowledge
(Malachi 2:7)
We are a kingdom of priests and we proclaim how God excels
(I Peter 2:9)
Hide not thy poison
with such sugar'd words.
(Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part II)
Dysfunction dupes. It does not demonstrate "how God excels."
Truth is our asset, our ally, our antidote to dysfunction.
Reflection and Discussion
**In what ways might we currently "misrepresent reality" with our "sugar'd" words?
**When might it be appropriate to withhold "truth"?
(assuming there is a "hierarchy of ethical values/priorities")
**What does truth have to do with member care?

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