Monday 10 December 2007

Dysfunction and Lies

A lie really has short legs.
(A lie does not travel very far)
But beware--the dirt sure sticks to you!
(Take heed--your health and reputation will still get damaged!)
Denial of reality---distortion of reality.
Deceiving oneself---deceiving others.
These are core characteristics of dysfunction.
Prudent people understand themselves
Foolish people deceive themselves
Proverbs 14:8
Have you ever drawn a picture of "dysfunction"?
I have. Here it is, above.
I also gave it a title.
It's about "reality distortions"--you know, "lies."
Dysfunction dupes. Dysfunction is dirty.
Dysfunctional systems, like dysfunctional people,
dupe others and they play dirty.

Reflection and Discussion
Maybe you could draw a picture of dysfunction too.

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