Monday 13 August 2007

Member Care--Leisure and Learning

Here are some thoughts on leisure, labour, and learning.
Excerpts from Sirach 38, New English Bible

24 A SCHOLAR'S WISDOM Comes of ample leisure; if a man is to be wise he must be relieved of other tasks. 25 How can a man become wise who guides the plough, whose pride is in wielding his goad, who is absorbed in the task...27 So it is with every craftsman or designer who works by night as well as by day...29 So it is with the potter, sitting at his work, turning the wheel with his feet, always engrossed in the task...31 All these rely on their hands, and each is skillful at his own craft. 32 Without them a city would have no inhabitants no settlers or travellers would come to it. 33 Yet they are not in demand at public discussions or prominent in the assembly. They do not sit on the judge's bench or understand the decisions of the courts. They cannot expound moral or legal principles and are not ready with maxims. 34 But they maintain the fabric of this world, and their prayers are about their daily work.

Reflection and Discussion
1. What is a good balance of leisure and work for you?

2. How can we "use leisure wisely" in order to acquire wisdom?

3. What special types of learning, and wisdom, can result from manual labour?

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