Monday 12 March 2007

Team Resiliency: Social Support

Continuing the discussion on Team Resiliency...

Supportive social relationships--These relationships are one of the major protective factors consistently reported by mission/aid workers. They are essential for adjustment and well-being.

Every team needs “safe” ways for its members to share personal and work items (updates/concerns). Team members need safe people and teams need to have safe processes. Here are three tools to help staff share about personal/work items. Note though that how we use such tools determines whether or not they are seen as being safe.

  • Organisational Life: an example is based on the ReMAP 2 study (a condensed version with 32 items) and is available by contacting us at

  • Team Feedback (see below)


Questions for reflection and discussion

How would you use these tools to help strengthen your team?

What helps/hinders you in connecting with "safe people and safe processes?"


Team Feedback Form

· The purpose of this form is to help you look at how your overall team/department is doing. It is intended to stimulate mutual feedback between you and your leader and between group members when done as a joint exercise. Your assessment will hopefully lead to constructive changes for you and your work
· Directions: Use the five point scale below to rate the following 15 areas. Feel free to make additional comments for any of the items. Note—virtual teams may want to adjust some of the items.


1. The objectives of my team/department are clear to me.

2. The objectives were formed with ample discussion and prayer.

3. I am involved in the decision making process in my work area.

4. We meet often enough as a group.

5. There is a good sense of team spirit in our work.

6. The communication process is adequate within our group.

7. I understand what is expected of me.

8. I receive timely and sufficient feedback on my work.

9. I feel respected and encouraged by my leader/supervisor.

10. I feel encouraged and respected by my colleagues.

11. I regularly try to encourage and support my colleagues.

12. My communication with my leader/supervisor is adequate.

13. I have sufficient time to fulfil my responsibilities.

14. I am growing as a person as a result of my work involvement.

15. Overall I am satisfied with and enjoy my work.

· Individual: Your overall rating (total divided by 15); also note your three highest and three lowest scores
· Group: Composite score for your group (total scores divided by 15 then divided by the number of raters)

· It is also helpful to look at ways to improve the work we do TOGETHER. Try doing this by rating the items below on a scale of 1-5. Be sure to add some clarifying comments.

We trust…

We plan…

We discuss…

We own…

We commit…

We perform…

We review…

We grow…

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