Monday 26 February 2007

Five Protective Factors for Teams--Core Values

During the months of February and March we are exploring team life and team resiliency. Here are some more thoughts.

•1. Relational resiliency
We value both truth and peace in our relationships (Zech 8:19).
We persevere in honesty and unity with colleagues.

•2. Safe sharing
We value safe ways (people and processes) to share personal and work-related concerns.
We are as healthy as our secrets.

•3. Intrinsic and strategic worth
We value colleagues as human beings with intrinsic worth, not just as human resources with strategic worth.
We are human beings and not human doings.

•4. Work-life balance
We value balancing demands of professional work and desires for personal growth.
We want to run well and also rest well.

•5. Well-being of all
We value the well-being of sending groups and the well-being of their personnel.
We provide quality support (by sending groups) and we expect quality services (from staff).

Other protective factors and values?
How do teams know that they are practicing these values?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think that relational resiliency is vital to team resiliency, but with the wealth of the Word we still flounder to find the balance between truth and peace. The New Testament puts truth and love together while many modern Christians can't understand how to put truth with love. We think that if we are really truthful with our fellow workers we are being unloving. We think that if we are really truthful we will disturb the "peace" in our team. But Jesus was perfect and did "truth and love" together and disturbed the peace! Is disturbing the peace with truth being unloving? Not in Jesus' books. I think we have something more to learn about God's ways from Jesus' example.