Monday 22 January 2007

Core Growth for Core Issues


  • Be sure to see the Blog Description posted 28 December 2006.
  • Also see the topic of the month posted 1 January 2007--Core Issues for Mission/Aid Workers. The core issues (inner issues) we are discussing this month include pessimism, staying centered, focusing on others' interests, forgiveness, drifting, transitional grief, and contentment.
What is one area of core growth that you want to experience as you deal with the challenges of mission/aid life? Examples:
  • Being generous with mercy and forgiveness
  • Letting my difficulties bring out the best in me and not the worst
  • Not giving up regardless of the struggles that I may have
  • Desiring integrity and not just happiness
  • Spending quality time with family/friends in spite of my busy schedule
  • Seeing good and Gods' goodness, in the face of pain, injustice, death
  • Accepting myself more even if I do not reach my goals or if I fail

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