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Humanity Care: UPGs and SDGs 7

Member Care Updates

Special News--January 2020

Issue 129
Member Care Updates
Expanding the global impact of member care
Working together for wellbeing and effectiveness

Special News--January 2020
Following Jesus Globally

The Global Pearl of Great Price
Applications for Member Care and Mission

The Pearl of Great Price
Detail from cover: 
Global Member Care Volume Two (2013)

Whoever serves me must follow me;
and where I am, my servant also will be.
My Father will honor the one who serves me

John 12:26 NIV 

Warm greetings!

In this Update we feature one item: a short article that we jointly authored, just published online in the Lausanne Global Analysis. In it we distill several of our core perspectives and strategies for staying current and relevant in view of the many new challenges and opportunities for serving Jesus in our world.

Following Jesus Globally: Engaging the World through Global Integration
--The article is also in French, Spanish, and Portuguese (official translations by the Lausanne Movement). We also link to a copy of the article which has a translation tool for 50 languages (not official translations by the Lausanne Movement).
--We list five suggestions at the end of this Update to stimulate discussions and applications of this article for mission and member care.
--We plan to host online round tables in 2020 as a way to further interact with colleagues about the themes in this article.

Please consider discussing and sharing this Update/article with your colleagues and networks. And join the conversation--consider 
writing a short comment at the end of the article. Many thanks!

See also:
Into the Communities of Unreached Peoples (MC Update, June 2019)
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Global Member Care Model—Seven Spheres (MC Update, February 2017)
Our Special News-Updates 1) promote the wellbeing and effectiveness (WE) of staff and sending groups and 2) support the diversity of colleagues with member care responsibilities. The focus is on the mission sector with applications for/from the overlapping health, development, and humanitarian sectors.
Warm greetings from Geneva,
Kelly and Michèle

--Share your comments and resources on our MCA Facebook page 
--Send us your ideas and resources for future MC Updates

Featured Resources
Following Jesus Globally
The Global Pearl of Great Price
Applications for Member Care and Mission

UN photo (UNRWA)
Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk, Syria (January 2014)

Global Integration:
A framework for actively and responsibly engaging with our world,
collaborating locally through globally for God’s glory.

For the last 10 years we have been working increasingly across sectors (humanitarian, health, development, peace-security, United Nations) as psychologists in mission. Central to our work has been a simple, strategic framework which we call  Global Integration (GI). GI is a framework for actively and responsibly engaging with our world, collaborating locally through globally for God’s glory.
What's in the Article?
In Following Jesus Globally, we share our updated description of the GI framework and present the material in terms of three strategic “GI Directions” to carefully and prayerfully consider:

--Following Jesus into Humanity Care
--Following Jesus with Global Integrity
--Following Jesus as Global Integrators.

We conclude this short article with a checklist of seven “directional commitments” for engaging in our world strategically and relevantly, locally and globally. The 20+ end notes include many additional perspectives and resources too. 

What Does it Mean?
Some Applications for Member Care and Mission

Following Jesus Globally, like the GI framework itself, is meant to help us forge new relationships and pursue new opportunities for addressing major issues affecting our world and especially the Church-Mission Community’s work among unreached peoples. It supports our efforts for being salt and light for God’s glory; promoting the growth and development of workers in the context of sacrifice, stressful work, and prudent risk; calling upon our best selves--the common sense of our human belonging, identity, and mutual responsibility--as we seek to engage our precarious, perilous, yet precious world as followers of Jesus Christ.

Here are five areas of application for the GI Directions emphasized in the article (humanity care, global integrity, global integrators). How can these GI Directions help us to:

--Support mission workers and sending groups in their well-being and effectiveness?
--Equip mission workers and sending groups with tools and opportunities for their work?
--Equip member care colleagues who work with others besides mission staff?
--Support colleagues across sectors via materials developed in member care/mission?
--Stay informed about and pray for current and crucial issues facing humanity?

--For more ideas for applying GI Directions including across sectors, see the 
Volume 2--Application Section on the website for the Global Member Care book series.
--Here is a 
separate link a copy of the English version which provides a translation tool into 50 languages. These additional translations are separate from the three official-professional translations done for the Lausanne Movement’s Global Analysis (French, Spanish, Portuguese). We note that online translations are helpful yet have limits, as the technical terms and idioms, for example, are not always easily translated or understood. 


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