Thursday 28 May 2009

Member Care: Pearls and the Perils--Introductory Devotional

Named, Known and Called
Dr. Cynthia Eriksson, Fuller School of Psychology, USA

This encouraging devotional, given 19 February, 2009, set the stage for the three lectures that followed at Fuller’s Integration Symposium. Cynthia Eriksson shares her journey as a missionary with mental health training and as a psychologist in missions. Using the interaction of Jesus and Peter in John 21: 15-19, she encourages us to live in the freedom of who we are and the freedom of who we are called to be. Her healing words are especially addressed to those of us in leadership: like Peter our frailties are not so much obstacles as they are a means to experience God’s grace, relationship, and call to lead.

We think you will hear some very helpful comments by Cynthia as she intertwines her own life experiences with those of Peter’s. Her devotional and the opening remarks to the Symposium are about 37 minutes, and available to download for free in audio and video formats at:
Reflection and Discussion
1. Summarize Cynthia's main point in one sentence. How does it apply to your life practically?
2. List two charactersitics of Peter that are similar to your own characteristics. Are these areas we need to change or are they more like weaknesses that we need to live with?
3. What are you thoughtts on Cynthia's assertion that Peter could still be called to lead in his broken state? How might this apply to your own leadership?

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